Generative AI: Craft AI raises €5.5 million

Paris, July 18, 2023 - Craft AI receives 5.5 million euros in funding to accelerate the development of its generative AI specialized in dataset creation. This funding, in addition to the 9 million already raised, is made up of 1.5 million euros from Bpifrance's i-Démo call for projects, and 4 million euros contributed by the investment holding company Talis.



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This generative AI makes it possible to create new artificial datasets ("synthetic data") from real data, while maintaining statistical similarity. The adoption of these techniques is on the rise in many artificial intelligence applications, such as autonomous cars and language processing. 

The use of synthetic data will grow massively over the next few years because : 

  • they prevent the identification of real people in data sets and, more generally, guarantee data confidentiality,
  • they reduce the amount of energy needed for artificial intelligence processing and the cost of data acquisition,
  • they increase the number of datasets that can be used by everyone, and improve model performance,
  • they enable us to generate data sets that are free of any societal bias.

Commenting on the funding award, Chahram Becharat, President of Craft AI, said, "At atime when financing conditions have become particularly tough in recent months, this round of funding rewards our technological excellence and testifies to the strategic interest in developing generative AI technologies in France and Europe. We are determined to build a benchmark player in the artificial intelligence sector, by promoting a different vision of AI: that of a trusted tool at the service of human beings."

‍About Craft AI

Craft AI is a pioneering French AI startup specializing in the industrialization of artificial intelligence projects. Over the past 8 years, Craft AI has developed unique technological expertise in the operationalization of Machine & Deep Learning models. In particular, the company enables its customers to develop, specialize and operate their own generative AI. Finally, it offers a responsible vision of AI, i.e. energy-efficient, explainable and respectful of privacy.

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