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Start testing your private, secure and optimized enterprise-generated AI application today. The Craft GPT platform guarantees integration in 2 weeks, specialization (RAG /fine-tuning) and monitoring in a trusted AI logic.

A platform compatible with the entire ecosystem

Google Cloud
Tensor Flow

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Our LLM creation platform

Choose your LLM from a wide selection

A wide range of open-source LLMs can be used in Craft AI. We've integrated a wide selection of LLMs from Hugging Face, such as Meta's LLaMa, Mistral, Lighton, Falcon and others. We'll help you choose the right foundation model and parameter size for your project. We'll help you evaluate each of these models by comparing their different capacities.

Operationalize any open-source LLM in minutes. Set its temperature (originality of responses) and give it instructions to follow scrupulously.

Define the characteristics of your project, and we'll select the right infrastructure for you.

Define the characteristics of your project, the number of users and requests expected, your preference in terms of cloud and server location, and we'll propose the most suitable infrastructure. We have access to a wide choice of machines from different cloud providers. We can host data and calculations on a sovereign cloud hosted in France or Europe if you wish. We guarantee a clear price for each configuration, and help you to implement the most resource-optimized application.

Deploy a private, optimized LLM as a stable, robust API that scales easily.

Import your corporate data to specialize the LLM and improve its responses

Most LLMs are very good at answering general knowledge questions, but they're not very good at answering your business questions. This is normal, since it's private data and the LLM hasn't been trained on it. With Craft AI, specialize any LLM on your private corporate data without having to send it to a third-party company. Perform operations directly on dedicated, private servers.

Greatly improve the relevance of LLM responses with our RAG and fine-tuning module.

Deploy your LLM in production and integrate the API into your applications

Easily integrate the secure API into your own applications. Start chatting and check that your LLM has learned from the document base you've provided. For each answer, he provides the source from the document base. In this way, you can combat hallucinations and boost user confidence. For each answer, the user can also say whether he agrees or disagrees with the answer, enabling you to progressively improve the relevance of your LLM.

Your specialized, robust and hallucination-free LLM is ready to be used and integrated into your business.

Fine-tune the use, performance and toxicity of your LLMs

Once the application is in production, we provide you with all the tools you need to check that it's running smoothly: detailed logs of every conversation, LLM performance metrics, application usage metrics, and an alert to detect toxic or inappropriate behavior.

Keep full control of your LLM and monitor its use and behavior in detail.

Why choose us?

pioneer Craft AI

LLM operationalization specialist

We've been operating AI applications for 8 years, and are experts in industrializing AI on a large scale so that it remains stable and robust throughout its lifecycle.

excellence Craft AI

European and sovereign

Work with a French player concerned about the confidentiality of your data and compliance with European regulations. We are connected to the entire AI ecosystem on sovereign clouds.

ethique Craft AI

GenAI private and specialized applications

Stay in control of your technology and your data by developing your own generative AI applications. Easily specialize your LLMs with our fine-tuning and RAG module.

Confidence Craft AI

A pioneer in trusted AI

A pioneer of scientific research in Trusted AI and Explainable AI (XAI) since 2015, Craft AI offers its customers the best technological advances in terms of responsible AI.

A platform compatible with the entire ecosystem

Google Cloud
OVH Cloud
Tensor Flow
mongo DB

Develop a trustworthy AI

44% of companies see "black box" AI as a major risk
The State of AI 2021 - MCKinsey

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Explainable AI (XAI)

Explain the results of your LLMs to combat hallucinations and set up evaluation methods 


Use LLMs and optimized technology to meet your needs without blowing up your bill or your carbon footprint.


Develop and host your applications on private servers dedicated to your business


Develop bias-free AI by assessing their toxicity and framing their field of action

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Start testing a customized LLM

Test our private LLM free of charge on your corporate data and check its relevance to your use cases. Put generative AI at the heart of your business.

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