Sales forecast

The application allows you to predict the demand for each product range with a high degree of accuracy, based on numerous external parameters. You will be able to define the right level of supply and limit stock-outs.

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Demonstrator of demand prediction with our AI application - Craft AI

The Sales Forecasting features

Discover all the features of our AI application.


View sales history, stock levels and supply requirements by product range.

Forecasted sales

One-year prediction for each product line, with a prediction grid of one day.

Stock optimisation

Recommendation of the optimal stock level according to the customer's costs, constraints and priorities.


Manual setting

Taking into account exogenous events provided by the user to correct predictions (trends, promotions, material usage rates, etc.).

Our application is compatible with

Microsoft 365

Our application is compatible with

Microsoft 365

The benefits of Sales Forecasting

Discover the different benefits of our application for users.

Reduction of unsold goods and stock-outs

Increased revenue and customer satisfaction

Decrease in the
value of stocks

Reduction in the cost of storing goods

Optimisation of
logistics costs

Economies of scale from procurement to sale

An operational application in record time

We integrate our applications into your company in less than 7 weeks.

Week 1


Technical framing

The data available at the customer's premises is audited.

Week 3


Data Collection

The data connectors are created in compliance with RGPD constraints.

Week 4


Application integration

The application is integrated within your company and into your existing tools.

Week 7


Operation of the application

The application is ready to be used in production.

Week 7


Evolution and maintenance

The application benefits from all evolutions and permanent technical support.

Our case studies


The Carrefour group wants to provide a tool to all its warehouses to enable them to forecast supply needs.


Accurately forecast supply requirements for each product range by warehouse.

20% stocks

cost of overstocking


Sales prediction tool by product range to recommend the right level of supply to warehouses.

1 year

Prediction horizon


Optimisation of supply, reduction of storage costs and limitation of stock-outs.


Value of stocks