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The first platform dedicated to the industrialization of Generative and Responsible AI.
Craft AI takes care of all the complexities involved in industrializing your AI, so you can focus on what's most important: Data Science and creating value for your business. LLM in production, Fine-tuning, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Inference Services, GPU & CPU, Model Monitoring, FinOps.

Develop, deploy and pilot your Machine Learning models in production in record time, without DevOps or ML Engineer.

Industrialise AI with Craft AI
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Break through the wall of production

85% of AI projects fail to go to production - Gartner

Accelerate the deployment of your models

16x faster

Control your infrastructure costs

Up to 70% savings

Install the solution on any cloud

Set-up in 3 clicks

Drive end-user adoption

Trustworthy AI

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MLOps for Generative AI

Develop the best models

Ingest and unify your structured and unstructured data flows with a Vector Database. Build your Machine & Deep Learning models using any open-source framework.
Fine-tune your LLMs on your data assets or implement RAG(Retrieval Augmented Generation). Version data, features, models and work collaboratively. Set up complete pipelines from data preparation to model training.

Fine-tune the best open-source LLMs like Llama2 or Falcon-40B in just a few clicks. Specialize your LLMs with RAG or fine-tuning.

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Deploy your models on a large scale

Run your Pipelines without worrying about Dockerfiles and keep track of every run. Deploy your models, make their results available and set re-training conditions. Serve model results in real time via secure APIs. Set up working environments dedicated to experimentation, testing and production. Choose the exact size of your infrastructure (CPU/GPU) and precisely manage the cost of each project.

Deploy your LLMs as APIs or chatbots on optimized GPU infrastructures designed to reduce your costs by up to 70% .

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Monitor the performance of your models

Monitor the accuracy and reliability of all your production models. Evaluate the reliability of your LLMs (loss of context, accuracy drift, toxicity, hallucinations or tone alteration). Detect drifts and anomalies in models or data. Set alerts to react as quickly as possible. Manage your infrastructures and deployments in real time. Optimize your infrastructure costs through a FinOps module.

Implement all the monitoring you need to control the use of your LLMs in production.

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A platform compatible with the entire ecosystem

Google Cloud
Tensor Flow

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A platform compatible with the entire ecosystem

Google Cloud
OVH Cloud
Tensor Flow
mongo DB

Develop a trustworthy AI

44% of companies see "black box" AI as a major risk
The State of AI 2021 - MCKinsey

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Explainable AI (XAI)

Explain the predictions of your models and keep the human in the loop.


Minimise the amount of energy needed to train your models.


Respect privacy and confidentiality of data. Synthesise your data.


Remove all bias and discrimination from the data.

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They trust us


Yannick Dubucq

Cloud Deployment Leader @Orange

"The platform is complete, simple, totally secure and allows our data scientists to deploy their code in production with complete autonomy thanks to its model management tool."

Jonathan Baptista

Head of Data Science @AddixGroup

"We particularly liked the flexibility of the platform, the ability to go into production without having to refactor the code, and the quality of the user experience."

Mouhoud El Mouhoub

President @Université Paris-Dauphine

"Craft AI offers the clearest AI solution for education that is tailored to our needs and is already a true technology success story."

Anne-Charlotte Monneret

CEO @EDTech France

"Trusted AI at the service of students, explainable and fair, complementing teachers is the beautiful promise of Craft AI."

Eurydice Lafferayrie

CDO @Total Direct Energie

"The most remarkable thing is that thanks to Craft.AI's platform, we have developed an assistant that reduces our customers' consumption by an average of 5%!"

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