We answer the most frequently asked questions about our products.


In which language(s) is the platform available?

The platform is available in English at first. We will progressively add a multi-language mode allowing you to set the language of your choice.

What are MLOps and LLMOps?

MLOps is a set of practices aimed at deploying and maintaining Machine Learning models in production reliably and efficiently. LLMOps is based on MLOps and adds all the functionalities needed to specialize, operationalize and pilot LLMs.

What can the MLOps platform do?

The platform, currently in version 1.1, can be used to set up computing and storage infrastructures, create and deploy Machine Learning pipelines, fine-tune, operationalize and pilot LLMs. It's what you might call a platform for MLOps and LLMOps.

How does the subscription / billing of the platform work?

You pay a subscription fee that gives you access to all the features of the MLOps platform, present and future. On top of that, you will be billed monthly based on your usage of computing and storage resources.

How to stay informed about Craft AI news?

Follow us on Linkedin & Twitter and visit our blog where we regularly publish articles on artificial intelligence.

Hosting and data

Is the platform compliant with the RGPD?

The Craft AI platform is fully compliant with the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and has many features to assist in the management of the personal data life cycle.

Is the cost of using Cloud resources clearly stated?

You have real-time access to the cost per day of each machine that is used. You can easily change settings, add GPU and view your infrastructure costs per project.

Where and how is my data hosted?

We work with numerous cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, Scaleway, OVH. We can set up your hosting at your convenience with any of these providers. Our data is hosted in the European Union.

Is the platform available as SaaS or OnPremise?

The Craft AI platform is available in SaaS format, and you can also install Craft AI on your own Cloud servers.

What data formats are accepted?

You can import all types of data into the platform, both structured and unstructured. You can easily create workflows for regular ingestion of new data.


What are the access rights on the MLOps platform?

Rights are used to limit access to individual projects, production and infrastructure management.

How many projects can be managed on the MLOps platform?

You can create as many projects as you like by subscribing to our platform.

What programming languages are available in the platform?

You can develop your code in Python initially, but we also plan to add R, JavaScript and Julia.

How can I deploy my models with the platform?

You can deploy your pipelines using an endpoint that allows you to share the results with an external user or by configuring prior execution rules.

Is the platform compatible with all data science tools?

The platform is compatible with all open-source data science frameworks and libraries and with ML platforms.

Trustworthy AI

What is privacy-friendly AI?

Privacy-friendly AI ensures compliance with the GDPR or similar regulations and uses synthetic data to ensure full data confidentiality.

What is summary data?

A synthetic data is an artificial data that does not contain real events. It is generated from real data, so it is statistically equivalent and can therefore be used for Machine Learning operations.

What is frugal AI?

A frugal AI system minimizes the amount of energy required to train, deploy, and retrain models.

What is a fair AI?

Fair AI removes bias and discrimination that may be inherently present in data.

What is a trusted AI?

Trusted AI is AI that is more likely to be accepted and used by users. In our view, it should be explainable, privacy-friendly, energy-efficient and fair.