Drift detector

The application automatically and systematically detects deviations in energy consumption . It allows to reduce considerably the leaks and to prioritize correctly the operations of the technicians.

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The functionalities of the Drift Detector

Discover all the features of our AI application.

Identification of consumption factors

Identification of factors from usage data, outdoor temperature, IoT data, etc.

Consumption prediction

Prediction of the usual consumption of the building with a 15 min step from D+1 to D+14 accompanied by a level of accuracy.

Generation of alerts

Generation of alerts in case of consumption anomalies by comparing predicted and actual consumption.


Generation of a business diagnosis

Qualification of the anomaly amplitude and potential causes, from a global mesh to an equipment mesh.


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Benefits of Anomaly Detection

Discover the different benefits of our application for users.

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Fine prediction of consumption

Prediction at 15 min time step and 2 weeks horizon

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Early and systematic detection

Instant alert and prioritization of consumption drifts

Optimization of maintenance

Maintenance interventions according to the value of the drift

An operational application in record time

We integrate our applications into your company in less than 7 weeks.

Week 1


Technical framing

The data available at the customer's premises is audited.

Week 3


Data Collection

The data connectors are created in compliance with RGPD constraints.

Week 4


Application integration

The application is integrated within your company and into your existing tools.

Week 7


Operation of the application

The application is ready to be used in production.

Week 7


Evolution and maintenance

The application benefits from all evolutions and permanent technical support.

Our case studies

Idex Diffus


Facilitate the work of building management technicians and promote energy efficiency in the building stock.


Consumption points to watch


Artificial intelligence automatically identifies when a building's consumption is off track and sends an alert to technicians.


Daily alerts


Saves time for technicians, eliminates unidentified faults, increases the energy efficiency of the fleet.


Identified consumer drift