Cybersecurity: Astek and Craft AI join forces

Astek and Craft AI, engaged in a co-development partnership of machine learning solutions, present their first achievement in the field of cybersecurity. The 2 companies have co-developed a continuous authentication system based on the behavioural analysis of computer system users.



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The application, which is integrated into the users' equipment, saves and retains the data that allows a user to be identified by his or her behaviour and guarantees the person's identity (by retaining, for example, the time between two particular keystrokes when typing). If there is any doubt about the identity of the user, a second password is requested, and if the doubt remains, the security procedures are triggered.

This fraudulent use detection system is based on artificial intelligence and the use of data by Craft AI technology to perform its self-learning. The partnership has allowed to overcome various technological challenges that are essential to the proper functioning of the fraudulent use detection system:

  • The ability to continuously learn behaviours that evolve over time and according to the context. For example, the same user may behave differently when working in his or her native language than when working in a foreign language,
  • The ability to quickly detect suspicious behaviour from a small data set.

A partnership that guarantees the production of useful and effective solutions

Today, 85% of Artificial Intelligence projects launched by companies never go into production because the key success factors of such a project have not been properly anticipated and addressed.

By joining forces, Craft AI and Astek can address all these key factors to ensure the success of the project by combining their know-how:

Craft AI deploys AI projects in record time thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. This technology, particularly innovative in MLOps, allows thousands of Machine Learning models to be trained, put into production and maintained.

Astek brings the knowledge of the prerequisites for the integration of Craft AI technology: upstream for the storage and industrial availability of the exploited data, and downstream for the development of applications that render the results.

This innovation, as well as all those that will be developed subsequently, makes it possible to propose, in response to an identified problem or in a proactive manner, turnkey AI solutions that are customised, adaptable and easily integrated.

A solution that guarantees control of its use

The global solution developed by Astek and Craft AI allows the user to keep control of the technology, preserves data privacy and security, and minimises energy consumption. Based on highly accurate algorithms and automatic model re-training, the results obtained with Craft AI technology are also explainable and understandable by all.

"Craft AI's know-how, coupled with Astek's expertise, will enable us to implement projects ranging from predictive maintenance to improving the energy efficiency of buildings and much more. This partnership is a new opportunity for research and innovation and is fully in line with our desire to be a constant source of new ideas for our customers," says Julien Gavaldon, CEO of Astek.

"Craft AI and Astek share the vision that Artificial Intelligence is a performance generator. When integrated into business tools, it brings phenomenal productivity gains, enables the automation of many tasks and provides a significant competitive advantage. Craft AI is fortunate to be able to leverage Astek's expertise to accelerate our development and continue to build a champion of explainable artificial intelligence," explains Chahram Becharat, CEO of Craft AI.

About Craft AI

Startup born in 2015, Craft AI commercializes artificial intelligence solutions by combining a tailor-made expert support and a unique Machine Learning technology. Craft AI's objective is to make the use of artificial intelligence accessible to all companies in order to meet concrete needs in record time, in an ethical and responsible manner. Craft AI currently supports leading companies in France and Europe in the energy, health, education, retail, defence and finance sectors.

About Astek

Founded in France in 1988, Astek is a global player in engineering and technology consulting, present on all five continents. With expertise in many industrial and service sectors, it supports its international clients in the intelligent deployment of their products and services and in the implementation of their digital transformation.

Since its creation, the Group has based its development on a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, and on the support and skills development of its 5,000 employees, who are committed every day to promoting the complementarity between digital technologies and complex systems engineering. The Group expects to achieve a turnover of over 360 million euros in 2021.

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