How Total Direct Energie applies Explainable AI to its virtual assistant
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"The most remarkable thing is that the assistant is already capable of reducing consumption: the customers who benefit from it have cut their electricity consumption by an average of 5%!" - Eurydice Lafferayrie, Total Direct Energie

Energy savings at the heart of Total Direct Energie’s strategy

For more than a year, Total Direct Energie has been implementing a strategy of personalized customer support to address the issue of energy savings. Customers used to need to manually access and compare their detailed records to keep track of their electricity consumption, as well as make sense of the numbers by themselves. Now in Total Direct Energie's app, a personalized assistant automatically provides them with just the information they need to make savings on their electricity bill.

This coaching program aims at engaging customers with personalized, actionable advice to improve their consumption and increase their satisfaction. Ensuring the simplicity of the solution has been a key requirement in Total Direct Energie's design so that the service is accessible to all consumers, and not only to power users who are already aware of their consumption. It is in Total Direct Energie's DNA to offer easy-to-use services to make the consumer's life easier. Beyond UX, this simplicity is made possible by artificial intelligence.

A personalized virtual consumption assistant

Total Direct Energie clients equipped with Linky recently got an upgraded mobile app. They started rolling out some months ago a new coaching feature nicknamed “consumption assistant”: this coach is capable of providing individualized advice, alerts and recommendations by learning every household consumption behavior. Total Direct Energie leverages craft ai explainable AI technology to learn individual energy consumption behavior of every Linky equipped client and implement those predictive models to power individualized recommendation push. Hundreds of thousands of predictive models will eventually be weekly updated & operationalized by craft ai technology to power this coaching feature. craft ai continuous learning feature enables regularly updated predictions and understandable pieces of advice for the end users. Explainability is leveraged by Total Direct Energie directly within the “consumption assistant” that leverages insights contained in the whitebox predictive models to push individualized recommendations to the end users.


By the end of March 2019, Total Direct Energie launched the assistant to a targeted and limited population to make the final adjustments. The current deployment rate aims to reach 100,000 users by the end of the year. Satisfaction indicators are positive: the retention rate of use was 25% and the satisfaction rate was 96% and will continue to grow!

But the most remarkable thing is that the assistant already manages to reduce consumption: the customers who benefit from it have reduced their electricity consumption by an average of 5% compared to a similar non-user population. And 26% of them have changed their offer following advice on their consumption!

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