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MS Experience - Learn how explainable AI can boost clients engagement

craft ai at Microsoft Experience

Craft AI is coming back this year to Microsoft Experience on the area dedicated to CMO & CDO challenges. The team will be there to share how explainable AI can supercharge operational processes efficiency, like CRM. Make sure to drop by and see what can be achieved by leveraging customers consumption data streams. Click here to get a free invitation

How Dalkia has successfully deployed explainable AI for energy performance management

explainable AI for energy performance management

Fedene, the french Federation of Energy and Environment Services, invited us at their Annual Congress to present how our explainable AI was deployed at Dalkia. Several talks focused on AI, including a roundtable dedicated to AI business application in the Energy sector during which Dalkia shared their experience working with us. more detail on dalkia & Craft AI collaboration

Explainable AI R&D - Inducing Readable Oblique Decision Trees

The team is pleased to share some of our latest progress on explainable AI through a paper for ICTAI 2018 (30th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence). This article will present MUST (Multivariate Understandable Statistical Tree), an Oblique Decision Tree split algorithm based on Linear Discriminant Analysis that aims to preserve explainability by limiting the number of variables that appear in decision rules.

🔬 Craft AI labs

Because we are constantly improving our explainable AI and focusing on challenging it through scientific papers and conferences, we are proud to share with you our progress by creating "craft ai labs": a section dedicated to our papers on craft ai blog!

AI explained to your grandparents

All the Microsoft AI factory startups have been working hard to come up with a in-depth article on AI explained to the general public - it’s up on STATION F’s blog! Craft AI contributed to the section about why the Enterprise world needs explainable AI, not black-boxes that kill trust and control.

🚀 The team is growing!

We are happy to announce that 3 new team members are joining craft ai.

Gaëtan Millerand Gaëtan joined us to complete our R&D team as a data scientist, he will work on our learning algorithm to make your prediction more accurate and explainable. Arrived under the heatwave from Sweden, our air-conditioned office prevent him from melting, Craft AI definitely saved him.


Claire Bizon Monroc Joining the Customer Success team during her gap year, Claire will work as a Data Scientist to ensure they’re always getting the most out of Craft AI!


Anthony D’Amato After 3 years Anthony is finally back at craft ai and joins our R&D team. He spent 2.5 years in Tokyo to go DEEPer in Machine Learning and he is now ready to share his DEEP knowledge with us! BTW, he likes Deep Learning and is ready to go beyond and achieve explainability.