CRAFT NEWS Nov 19 📣 | Predictive UX, Digital Workplace, AI for energy
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✨Predictive UX to boost website conversion rate

predictive ux to boost convertion rate

Most of the traditional banks manage to get high traffic but their conversion rates remain very low.

Check out the blog post to see how predictive UX is a very effective way to boost conversion rate!

📈Increase credit subscription with Explainable AI

craft ai has won the 2nd Edition of Credibom “Start & Pulse”

Craft AI has won the 2nd Edition of “Start & Pulse”, an international program launched by Credibom thanks to a predictive UX case based on its Explainable AI.

Check out the blog post to see how predictive UX enable personalization of the credit subscription process and increase their conversion rate.

AI is the new "way of Working" for Digital Workspace

wavestone startup radar

OoOoh! We are pleased to have been identified by Wavestone as a "New Ways of Working" booster thanks to our Explainable AI that improves productivity at work!

Find out how Dalkia has deployed AI to improve the efficiency of energy managers in their daily work and take a look at the Wavestone startup radar

✨Meet Craft AI @enerGaïa

Meet craft ai at EnerGaïa

AI is a major challenge to light the way of a better energy efficiency! Meet us at the best renewable energy event booth G30 😎