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Using AI to improve waste management in Paris @TechForPlanet

Datacity, the leading open innovation program for smarter cities, selected Craft AI to present its AI project built with Suez and the City of Paris during Tech For Planet. We were privileged to pitch to the French President Emmanuel Macron and Brad Smith, President of Microsoft how craft ai can help make cities cleaner by using AI to predict waste collection times and reduce the presence of trash bins in the streets.

Craft AI raises the awareness of top managers around AI in business @Cosmetic Next

Last November, H2 University asked for our support to train executives of major cosmetic companies about the value of AI for their businesses. craft ai showcased several use cases including clients coaching, knowledge worker assistant and targeted mailing to highlight how AI can improve cosmetic businesses. The participants were quite excited and we ended up co-designing with them use cases that are bound to disrupt the cosmetic sector in the near future ;)

Fulfilling the promises of IoT thanks to Cognitive Automation

craft ai was invited to present its vision of AI and IoT during the “What sort of thing is the Internet of Things” seminar organized at the École Polytechnique. Talks by French industry leaders such as Suez, SNCF or Objenious focused on the applications and challenges of IoT for industries and utilities. IoT applications need to be driven by data to fully deliver their value. Due to the distributed nature of IoT fleet of devices, the legacy data analytics methods can’t be applied. That’s why IoT markets require new solutions for their automation. Individual level automated machine learning is a key to make their automation cognitive.

Oracle edited a new white paper on how data, AI and design can shape the future of customer experience

Oracle invited us to contribute to this publication and we shared our expertise on explainable AI, its application to personalization of customer experience and the best practices for entering in the era of AI.

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Sylvain Marchienne Internship Retrospective

If like Sylvain Marchienne you want to work on pretty cool stuff with #AI & #MachineLearning at @craft_ai join us! We currently offer many opportunities! Read his article about what he has learned as a Machine Learning intern in Paris.